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The Rio Grande Educational Collaborative (RGEC) has partnered with local businesses First Convenience Bank, New Mexico Mutual, Dion’s Pizza, Nusenda, Wells Fargo and the City of Albuquerque to introduce the Albuquerque community to Lemonade Day and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and world changers.

Lemonade Day is a free, community-wide program that is part of a national initiative dedicated to teaching youth how to start, own and operate their own business through the simple and time-honored act of building and running a lemonade stand.  The program culminates in an actual day of operation for the children;  Lemonade Day!  slated for Saturday, May 7, 2016.

RGEC will be incorporating Lemonade Day into its afterschool program at certain Albuquerque and Belen schools. RGEC is so proud to be able to bring this phenomenal program to our state and local community.   The seed of business ownership will be planted in hundreds of children as a result of the Lemonade Day program.  Each child that registers receives a FREE backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook that teaches them the valuable life of Lemonade Day – including how to set a goal, make a plan, work the plan and achieve their dreams.  After their day of operation – Lemonade Day – our young entrepreneurs pay their investors back, they keep all remaining profits they earn but are also encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some by giving back to the community.  Millions of dollars were donated to charities last year as a direct result of Lemonade Day.

Anyone and everyone can be involved in Lemonade Day!  Kids pre-k through middle school can register to participate. Young entrepreneurs with lemonade stands need mentors, investors, business partners, great locations, and customers!  Sponsors and volunteers are also needed to make Lemonade Day a success.   To sign up or learn about ways to get involved in Lemonade Day, please contact or visit



Lemonade Day is coming to Albuquerque!

Help us empower today’s youth to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs!

Lemonade Day is a free, fun, experiential learning program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand.

The foremost objective of Lemonade Day is to empower youth to take ownership of their lives and become productive members of society – the business leaders, social advocates, volunteers, and forward thinking citizens of tomorrow.

Each child that registers receives a backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook that teaches them the 14 lessons of Lemonade Day like creating budgets, setting profit-making goals, serving customers, repaying investors, and giving back to the community. Along the way, they acquire skills in goal-setting, problem solving, and gain self-esteem critical for future success. They keep all the money they make and are encouraged to spend some, save some and share some.


What do kids learn by participating in Lemonade Day?

Financial Literacy & Economics

  • capital equipment & consumables
  • supply & demand
  • credit, debt, gross & net income
  • marginal utility
  • return on investment
  • compound interest

College Readiness & Career

  • critical thinking & collaboration
  • interest in attending college
  • civic responsibility
  • customer service
  • teamwork & problem solving
  • presentation skills & design

Life Skills/Personal Development

  • leadership
  • belief that attaining goals is within reach
  • personal productivity
  • self-direction & time management
  • social responsibility & charity
  • high order thinking
  • social skills & self confidence


  • math calculations
  • reading & interpreting data
  • oral & written communication